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On a Mission Enriching Life`s through Authenticity, Love and Joy.

Who I am ...

Randi is a visionary and vigorous leader, influencer, Founder of Change Enthusiasm, the Creator of The New Wise Leadership System and The New Wise Leadership HUB. Randi have more than 15 years as a senior manager and change leader in the corporate world. Award winning senior consultant. Distruptiv Entrepreneur.

Randi is the only female transformational Change Leader from Scandinavia who has followed an industry from duopoly to tough competition and led 1 of 4 major projects in a merger of 2 major European airlines. She managed leading change including very different cultures, without legal conflict with employees or customers. Randi has been open to lead from various positions, also as an impact entrepreneur, as a business consultant/ change catalyst.

Randi is an author of a book in Wise Self Leadership published in 2020 and a book in Change Leadership published in 2015. She is an International Published Magazine writer, and has spoken on virtual scenes in Scandinavian, European, America and Asian in 2020. She is on a journey thinking big and going global by building a global brand. Her ambition is to create a Legacy to be passed on to next generation.

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Randi - The Authentic Aquamarine Lady from the City of Roses in Norway

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Healthier Business World - Easier Life`s - Thriving Planet


Enriching Life`s 

Enriching Life`s through Authenticiticy, Love and Joy.

Toward vitality, equality and unity.


All life on Earth to Thrive

Balanced, vital, thriving and joyful business leaders - who joyfully lead, shine and change life`s. Make a better balanced world this way. 


Improve 15 mill lives

... within 2030 by creating positive spirals and synergies - in a inspiring way. Corporate World is a muscle that can be strengthened.

My WHY and deep motivation is Justice, Fairness and Equality - It`s everybody`s birthright to enjoy life 

Everyone deserves a fair opportunity to be who they are and use their talent. To experience meaning and joy - be able to step into their potential and make a difference in the world. Remember, it's not a competition. We are all part of a fine machinery and dependent on each other. By allowing everyone to contribute with their authentic gifts and talents - we create win win win situations! The faster we lower our shoulders and become more of who we truly are, the better for co-creation, personal joy and ease, for business expansion and transformation. Love and joy empowers, judgement doesn`t. When systems, structures and cultures in businesses and important societal functions doesn`t support this basic context, it`s time to rethink, refresh and rebuild. BE:Change. The right time is now!

BUSINESS IDEA - The Bridge2Thrive Nation


Whole New World of Authentic Power, more Joy and Thriving High Performance.

A New Blue Revolution of Energized Authentic Beauty. We are building a Culture Unique Tribe-of-Authenticity to reach a higher level of joy and performance in business and life.

RE:Fresh. BE:Change. One Leader at the time.

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Global Wise Leaders - Community

We are the wise and vital leaders who co-create aligned with Global Goals. Who consciously shape culture  and collaborate in teams based on natural talents and energy. We wake up vital, walk together and support each other in a way that feels good. We feel great!

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Inspiring experiences to TRANSFORM your Business & Life

Did you know human nature is connected with outer nature? Connect with the authentic you on a deeper level to experience a new reality at work and in private life. The sooner you can fully be yourself the better for how you experience quality of life. It might transform your leadership, business, career and life. It`s a way to joyfully lead, shine and change the world. A New Sustainable Way.

How We are UNIQUE

We are unique in our cause-effect-solution-approach, in the context and the way we understand human nature, how we combine personal joy and ease with authentic business success and the way we deliver value through new innovative leadership training- and experiences - from heart. We are living what we are teaching, and lean into Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Love and Service as building blocks for co-creation. To keep it short and sweet; We are unique in the way we Master Two Worlds (inner and outer) and how we provide The Golden Middle Way to authentic, joyful success in business and private life.

What we are BEST at 

We are best at facilitating human growths journeys for executive leaders that integrate the capacity to Master the Balanse and Dynamics between the feminine and masculine force. This is a crucial skill for combining personal ease and joy with authentic business success. It`s to be seen as a KPI (Key Performance Indicator). It`s a sustainable way for the leaders and top management teams to build culture and optimize performance in the new world of work. To keep it short and sweet; We are best at Corporate Executive Support (leadership level 1, 2 og 3).

Insight and Wisdom from 3 Decades & 3 Careers

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