FREE Explore Talk with Randi
FREE Explore Talk with Randi

Tools for Change Enthusiasm
& Authentic Alignment
- YOU are Your Superpower

Turning Your Life Vision into Reality - it starts with you

Embrace Change Enthusiasm - Move Forward with Ease 

Are you facing any worry, stress or pain from overwhelm or chaos in your career or personal life right now?

What change are you longing for? What is your life vision?

Change is easy. If you want to get closer to your goals, dreams and life vision, start with facing your fears and aligning with your highest potential and greatest joy. Get started by joining The Power of Authenticity Online Training below. It comes with high value to an affordable price. Starting soon. Open for everybody longing for any change in their life.

Randi Næss is the #1 Scandinavian Change Enthusiasm Expert walking her own talk. She is delivering epic world class trainings. Join her unique transformational Power-of-Authenticity training - it`s your entrance key into a whole new world of life- and business leadership comfort. Surrender to success for any life- og business project you are focusing on right now.

The Entrance Door to a Whole New Wise World of Leadership Comfort is open - for leaders of life and leaders in business

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The Power of Authenticity

- Masterclass serie, On Your Own Pace

Join this online masterclass serie when YOU have the time. Get started unlocking your core unique authentic power and beauty. You also qualify for working with Randi in her Signature Program "Master New Wise Leadership".









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EXIT to LOVE™ - A Brand New Book

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Learn Setting Love over Fear

"We have never been as worried, stressed and in pain as we are today".

Inside Out is the Solution!
We need internal sustainability to optimize our resources. Discover how EXIT-to-LOVE is  a Sustainable Strategy.

Buy the EXIT to LOVE book - in Norwegian

Master New Wise Leadership -  World Class Training

Randi`s Signature Program - Become Authentic Aligned & Radient living your way forward, week by week
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State of the Art LEADERSHIP 
-powered by Energetic Alignment

- Customized Online Experience - 10 Weeks

A mentor program as an online experience  where we apply 5 steps in 10 Weeks. You create and implement your roadmap success (as you define it) of any project in business  or life. Toward a life you would love more. New Wise Leadership is a powerful leadership experince with UNIQUE energetic support. Allow energetic alignment do the heavy lifting fill the JOY gap.

Get your FREE Exploretalk AFTER accomplish The Power of Authenticity Online Challenge on your own pace

Coastal People Club - Join Community

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We Love. Live. Learn as we go

We are the home and ocean loving people who are living our way toward a life we love even more. Living our best lives.

Become a Club Member and part of our community
Benefit from ocean inspiered activities. With wholehearted , likeminded and supportive people who love ocean, fjords and lakes. Who wants to enjoy homelife. As maritime enthusiasts we care about healthy fjords and oceans.

More info soon