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Digital Learning as a Change Strategy

Digital Learning might be one of the most effective change strategies. Randi has worked with digital learning and learning portals at some of Europe's leading brands. Her work has included the entire process from strategy to implementation, including program design for programs at all levels of the organization. Randi expertise in learning portals for start-ups, for creating blogs and visual profile and online presence.

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As a consultant, Randi has worked with some of Europe's leading and most recognized brands. She has been involved in processes from strategy to operational learning programs for user groups at all levels of the organization. Randi has started up new learning platforms, delivered workshops and program design including film to established learning platforms. Many processes have involved sales support, product training or onboarding.

Examples of companies are; Ruter, Umoe-Gruppe, ISS, Lilleborg and NN.

Several of the companies Randi worked with were nominated as the result creator of the year in the consulting company she was employed.

An organization's learning ability is its lifeblood - Frank Friedlander

Digital Learning - an effective Change Strategy 

Developing a digital learning organization and culture is perhaps your most important change strategy. Do you and your organization have a sustainable strategy in a digital age?

The time we live in requires continuous adjustment, rapid adaptation to new framework conditions through temporal knowledge - in a way that contributes to the desired new behavior. Digital learning platform is a support tool and not the goal in itself. What more do you need to understand?

As a general manager and HR manager, is it new and useful to understand how to utilize the opportunities that digitalisation provides in the development of competence and a learning organization?

"In the long run, it is the only sustainable competitive advantage the ability to learn faster than the competition ” - Peter Senge, researcher


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