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FREE Insight Joyful Success

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A joyful creative solution maker

I would love to work with you if you are looking for a creative solution maker with positive energy. Use me in the process from strategy through implementation toward defined outcome of any core- or support prosess/activity related to change and digital learning. Connect with me on phone +47 482 40 121 or e-mail [email protected]

Were do you
need support?

Consider Randi if you need:

  • Assistance in planning or implementing digital learning; strategy, learning design on programs, visual expression, use involvement and facilitation of workshops.
  • A sparring partner, strategic or operational resource within one or more of the areas below.
  • A holistic view from the outside of issues and several perspectives on possible solutions.
  • Help with wise approaches and priorities in an everyday life with too many tasks.
  • Input on how to rethink and renew your team capacity. 
  • How to go from stressful success to joyful success.
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An Invitation to Fly Higher with Randi

With a bird's eye view, you change perspectives and act wiser. An image of flexibility and adaptation to the winds of change. Ability to operate alone, but is happy to fly in groups and work together to save energy. Read more HERE

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Change Leader & Change Enthusiasm

Randi has led major change processes between international brands, she has the change competence, energy and enthusiasm to be a catalyst for change. She has the courage required to challenge the established that do not support future ambitions. Read more HERE

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Unique Digital Pioneer Journey

Randi played a key role in customer-oriented development and implementation of the customer journey for the airline Braathens in the period 1997 - 2002. E-commerce solutions, ticketless travel and strategy for sales and distribution. Read more HERE

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Digital Learning as a Change Strategy

Digital Learning might be one of the most effective change strategies. Randi has worked with digital learning and learning portals at some of Europe's leading brands. Her work has included the entire process from strategy to implementation, including program design for programs at all levels of the organization. Randi expertise in learning portals for start-ups, for creating blogs and visual profile and online presence.Read more HERE

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Creative source and innovative power

Randi is intuitive, creative and distinctly solution-oriented. She works with energy that is contagious and sees untraditional opportunities that differentiate her from other consultants. Several of her customers have been nominated for this year's result creators. Read more HERE

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Reinforce, Rethink and Redirect Career

Randi has a background as a main trainer at reputable career companies. She has been a mentor for leaders in restructuring and downsizing. The time is ripe to rethink your own career path. Many people live with stress and do not enjoy the joy of achieving results. Life can be lived with more joy if one is more aware of a sustainable approach to a career path. Read more HERE

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Executive Leadership - Transition Support

Randi delivers innovative leadership development where she combines personal ease and joy with how to build innovative teams around her. She also delivers enjoyable activities related to redundancy through restructuring. Aligned with Global Goals. Learn more HERE New Wise Leadership HUB. Sustainable Career LAB