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Reinforce, Rethink and Redirect Career

Randi has a background as a main trainer at reputable career companies. She has been a mentor for leaders in restructuring and downsizing. The time is ripe to rethink your own career path. Many people live with stress and do not enjoy the joy of achieving results. Life can be lived with more joy if one is more aware of a sustainable approach to a career path.

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Multi-step careers are increasingly common and challenge the more traditional career that starts at the bottom of an organization and goes upwards in a secure organization. Randi has led herself through several career shifts from a traditional hierarchical career to top management roles, had several phases as an entrepreneur, award-winning consultant and career counselor. This has provided a number of areas of expertise that can be combined into a unique cocktail.

We like to sit on limiting beliefs about what we can do and what success is. If we are not honest with ourselves, we risk ending up in a random parking lot. A career path should give meaning and joy along the way, if the end station is to be a place you thrive.

As a career counselor, I have seen that changing identities can be challenging. A lot is about what story we tell ourselves, and it can be changed. Too many leaders take new traditional leadership courses when in practice they need something completely different.

One goal may be to give oneself career freedom, freedom to choose. To succeed in this, you can make a number of wise choices. A digital everyday life offers many opportunities to make yourself, your competence visible and build your own online business if you wish. Choose your partners carefully. Many offer you what they can, and not always what you need - here I want to make a difference.

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Career Freedom 

Career freedom - freedom to choose
Organizations are strategically challenged to look at other forms of work affiliation than permanent employees (contracted, freelance, gig employment) in order to achieve their growth plans. There are requirements

that organizations are more flexible in utilizing other forms of work affiliation and using it strategically.

Studies as early as the mid-1990s by Arthur and Rousseun show a career shift towards limitless careers. It is about independence from traditional organizational careers and the freedom to create one's career based on one's own values.

The term itself is criticized because it is not in itself precise enough to describe what it actually contains. The essence of a boundless career is about independence from the traditional organizational career where you start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. Traditional career thinking is based on the assumption that organizations are hierarchical and their environment is stable. As we all know, this is history for a long time. The labor markets have become more volatile. As a result, the employment relationship is less predictable. For employees, this means more independence from, than dependence on, traditional organizational careers.

Many of today's young people, but also several more experienced workers, seem to be seeking a new freedom. A freedom to choose one's own career. A career that makes sense and where they can help make a difference. Contribute to a better world. Position and material wealth alone no longer seem to be enough for many. Who you spend your time and energy with is governed by who you ARE and what you DO to contribute to a better world.


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