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Creative source and innovative power

Randi is intuitive, creative and distinctly solution-oriented. She works with energy that is contagious and sees untraditional opportunities that differentiate her from other consultants. Several of her customers have been nominated for the year's result creators.

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Randi has a master's module in innovation and commercialization as part of his specialization in Master of Management. Randi's X-factor is to simplify complexity and develop it into innovative and inspiring concepts. As a leader and consultant, creative solution orientation has been one of her strengths that has contributed to groundbreaking results.

Randi has 3 phases as an entrepreneur with the development of concepts in lifestyle (lifeliving), leadership (New Wise Leadership HUB), career (Sustainable Career LAB) and personal development (Authentic REHAB).

We live in a time where most products and services are invented, the opportunity lies in combinations of products and services, concepts could be developed in line with the times we live in. Concepts that come with sustainable solutions to basic challenges. Randi utilizes its expertise across industries and job roles in a unique way and maintains a great vision for the future as a driving force.

"Any challenge in the world is a business opportunity"

Arenas and Concepts for Sustainable Solutions 

Change Enthusiasm is an arena for sustainable solutions. In favor of innovation. In favor of better public health and greener solutions. From Norway. Change Enthusiasm springs from an overall ambition of developing well-being on everyone's bottom line: humans', businesses' and the planet's. The ambition is connected to a greater goal: a mission of contributing to more joy and better health for more than a million people in the world through the next 10 years. More joy and better health promotes peace and love between humans and nations. This way, Randi and her Change Enthusiasm will make a difference in the world.

Standardized jobs will be automatized. Humans will handle the change processes and position for the super jobs that in the future require human proficiency, qualities and skills. In the future, it is the humans are who will make the difference. Developing leadership represents great potential. Developing healthier cultures and communities is most important of all. Good health is the basis for everything else. Think preventive.

Issue: profits at the expense of humans and planet

Leading and managing change is a very exposed position. Dedicated change leaders often compromise with their own leisure time, health and happiness. This can mean reduced quality of life, physical and psychological health issues, burnout, depression and long-term sick leaves. This is not sustainable for the individual leader. It also contributes to social costs through health care costs, increased social benefits etc.

We live in a time characterized by transition and unpredictability. Having those managing and driving development in pro of increased competitive advantages carry their own costs is not reasonable. We need to better understand humans' needs and reduce personal costs related to driving change. Creating holistic concepts turning current approaches upside down and promoting prerequisites for embracing changes in a way that produces win-win-win-surplus situations, or well-being, on everyone's bottom line, becomes important.

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