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FREE Explore Talk with Randi

New Wise

How to Combine Personal Ease and Joy with Authentic Business Success

From Stressful Success To Joyful Success!

Make Authenticity Your Secret Weapon  

Welcome to Discover Thriving High Performance Solutions &

A Lighter Way of Living, Leading and Being in Business

Bridge2Thrive - a Sustainable Choise in Day`s like This

The way we as leaders are reaching a greater level of joy and High Thriving Performance for us and others
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The Idea

Rediscover our true self after years of adapting into what we think was the-way-of-doing things in business. Authenticity is the new way to more comfortability. To bee (and express) ourselves in a way it brings higher value and greater results.

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WHY it matter

Bringing our whole self to work becomes how we are reaching a greater level of joy and performance.

If we want psychological safety at a team level, it starts at an individual level. Becoming more authentic is HOW.

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The Concept

New Wise Leadership open to master the balance and dynamic between the masculine and feminine within each of us. That shape leadership style and leadership capacity. It`s The Bridge2Thrive in challenging times.


Hello, I`m Randi 

I help Executive Leaders, Business Owners and Leaders of Life in Business struggling prioritize work before personal life, align to Authentic Joyful Success. To lead through any storm, change or transformation with greater ease, and with peace in mind and at heart.  To make a bigger impact in the world through their work. Embracing Thriving High Performance.

By walking the path, being in three careers, living the challenges - I emerged to teach, counsel and pass on my wisdom. I became wise in love and how into our hearts is a gamechanger. The next "big thing" in leadership, as I see it.

From my heart I created the concept Bridge2Thrive™ and the New Wise Leadership™ System to allow wiser leadership capacity unfold.  In my search for fundamental solutions on fundamental challenges I cracked the Golden Heart Healing & Happiness Code™ to Joyful Energized Hearts. The key to Unlock Innovation and to open up to an Ocean of Opportunities in business and life.

I simply call the journey FROM Stressful Success TO Joyful Success. Relevant for individual leaders, teams and businesses.

#NewBusinessDynamics starts on the top and influence everybody. Also family and friends.

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A New Way of Comfortability

Living, leading and doing business in a more comfortable way. Less stress. Less Fear. Just from the pure power of You Being You. Get started on an more authentic journey with ease & joy. I share how.

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Psycological Safety in Teams

Through my authentic talk in your leadership team, I bring the team to it`s next level of psycological safety. To make it happen on a team level, it also need to happend on a individual level. The outcome is high thriving performance.

Learn more - Leadership Team Talk
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Is this you?

  • Are you so committed to getting the results for your company that you are compromising on everything else?
  • Do you want to upleve your leadership capacity for a new reality, secure timeouts or explore personal growth alternatives?
  • Can you feel your health is deteriorating bit by bit, maybe a desire to explore career strategies?
  • Do you find your head is taken up with work 90% of the time?
  • Are you working so hard, and feeling you aren`t achieving anything worthwhile?
  • Are you in transition, open and curious to reinforce career path?
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STOP Living to Work. START Working to Live.

Get your license to joyfully lead and shine.

New Wiser Business World - A Sustainable Choice

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Bridge2Thrive Nation - The New Blue Revolution of Authentic Beauty, Joy and Comfort

Bridge2Thrive Nation is a Whole New World of Authentic Power, more Joy and Thriving High Performance. A New Blue Revolution of Energized Authentic Beauty. We are building a culture unique Tribe-of-Authenticity to reach a higher level of joy and performance in business and life. It`s a way to increase productivity with less old-fashion-push and control, and experience of more natural flow in how we make business strategy and lifegoals happened. It`s a way to higher Psycological Safety (capasity to express ideas/thoughts/emotions and to ask beneficial critical questions) on a individual, team and cultureal/organizational level.

With the understanding that many often deserve more than we expect, the ambition is to fulfill the highest and most truthful expression of ourselves as leaders (executive leaders, business leaders or leaders of life in business).

We honor the masculine qualities, and believe balance and dynamics is how we reach greater potentials with more ease and joy. Mastery of balance and dynamics of the masculine and feminine qualities within each of us is how we get started. Rising the feminine is how we create more balance. You might see and express it as a beneficial feminine shift to support Thriving High Performance.

Healthy heart energy is a goal. To make it happened it`s beneficial to reduce suppressing and consciously expressing heart more. 

We strive to bring patience, positive energy and joy into every situation. We make ourselves ready, open and capable to persistent show up and role modeling joy. A game changing shift from a state of fear, stress, overwhelm, stuck in the doing > to a state of ease and joy. It`s a sustainable choise and solution on fundamental challenges in todays world of work. Going from imbalanced to healthy aligned head- and heart connection free up a lot of energy.

The world belongs to the energized, is our belief!
We`re Making a Difference through Authenticity > to Reach a Greater level of Joy and Performance
Teaching and training experiences aligned with Sustainable Global Goals
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