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Culture in teams and Change Enthusiasm

Raise and revitalize the leader team to lead themselves and others with enthusiasm. Enables business transformation in line with strategy and ambitions. Create the ability to realize more opportunities. Randi is a certified consultant for working with cultural expressions in teams and organizations. She utilizes a set of tools in a unique mix that provides aha experiences and optimizes interaction and results. 

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The concept of organizational culture has never been more complex, yet critical to understand, and apply. It all starts in the top management team, and their executive leadership teams as a key step of implementation. Culture is about who you are together, what you stand for as a team and organization and the way of running the business. Values are building blocks for culture, and the sum of the most prioritized values in a team drive the team culture. To manage culture, leaders must be aware and understand their own values and how they show up in their lives. Shifting culture is fueled by shifting values priorities. 

"Strenght lies in differences, not in similarities" - Stephen R. Covey

Natural talents and energy - core essence

We are all at the core of what we want to create through work and career, or in life otherwise. When we are in touch with our natural talents and natural energy, we are at our best. This is how we enable ourselves to step into our potentials. To gain better and deeper insight into who we are, before we learned the mindset, beliefs, patterns of behavior and communication, it is useful to open up to new insights. These insights are available through exciting tools for raising awareness of who we are. This enables us to make good choices, choices we thrive and perform with - where we experience being in the tailwind and not striving in the headwind.

When this type of tool is utilized for teams, the team will better understand how each one, and the team as a whole, thrives and performs optimally together. With such a starting point, it will be easier to open up and embrace opportunities, embrace and implement change with enthusiasm, achieve business success without the experience that it is at the expense of the people.


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