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Breakthrough Strategies & Teambuilding Tools, Talents, Skills and Abilities?

I saw how not having the right team became the singel biggest block to sustainable leadership and business expansion. Thats why I´m passionate about building sustainable teams and inspire New Wise Leadership. Achieve a truly passionate, proactive and productive team is key for business expansion and transformation. Escape exhaustion and stay energised. Understand how to unlock teams maximum contribution. Achieve more with less effort and less stress.

Welcome to Master Dynamics and Culture Expressions in Teams!

What did the pandemic do to our work culture?

Recent studies show that the pandemic has affected the Nordic work culture. There is a need to recreate the commitment, build new faith in the future and gather the team - secure the glue in the team. People want to be authentic and experience better life balance. Security, health and financials means more. All this is about culture. Putting culture on the agenda is more important than ever. How does your team culture expression look like?

It starts in the leadership teams creating higher culture awareness and understanding.


What were most important BEFORE the pandemic:

  • Top 4 most important values ​​are; (need for) self-development, (desire to deliver) quality, (desire and need for) cooperation and (desire and need for) life balance.
  • Women emphasize cooperation, presence (heard and understood) and authenticity (being allowed to be themselves) higher than men.
  • Men emphasize synergies (interdisciplinary collaboration, team development), commitment and achievement higher than women.



  • Self-development and quality have become less important, while life balance has become more important.
  • Curiosity, commitment and synergy have become less important. NB! This can have a severe impact on business development.
  • Pride, presence, balance of life and being allowed to be authentic (be oneself) have become more important.
  • Increased need for security, respect, care and helpfulness.
  • Innovation, change and team development decline the most. This is problematic because it is a development focus.
  • Facts also show that financial security has become more important than innovation. Many people still ask themselves the question: "Will this go well?" "What will happen to my industry and work in the future"?


How to recreate the commitment and move forward in the best possible way? 

It`s all about hybrid leadership MINDSET, team effort and Master New Wise Leadership.

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Ready for a truly passionate, proactive and productive team?

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High Performing Teams 

Sustainable Hight Performing Teams are build on personal flow and create customer flow and profit flow. They maximise the opportunities available.

Right tools, training and support is key.

Ready for a truly passionate, proactive and productive team?

Key Performance Indicator 

Did you know that wellness is a key performance indicator. The CEO is the core essence of the business he/she lead. The executive team is the next level of the core essence. An exhausted core essence is a block for optional business expantion and transformation. Reducing blocks on a personal level for team members  means open up to potentials for the team. It has the potential to open up to a ocean of opportunities.


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Join me on a Team Journey - Business Transformation

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Opportunity PACK 

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A unique team process for leadership teams 

The team process is delivered as a online journey including live sessions with Randi and a unique online support prosess.

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How to get started with Refreshment PACK

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Book within 10. October to get the Introduction price

€ 2 500

Pay € 1 250 today in commitment fee

  • 3 step process for a team of 8-10 people
  • e-survey; personal culture expression + team expression.
  • Workshop; one day or lunch -to-lunch
Only Commitment Fee Today
The commitment fee on € 1 250 is part of your payment plan agreed with Randi. The Refreshing team process are 3 simple steps within 3 weeks. Post process you can access optional next steps OR customize a spesific team/leadership-experience for your team or organisation.
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Personal Joy and Ease, Authentic Business Success, People Empowerment
I`ve got to know Randi as a powerful visionary leader with an innovative new way of leadership training, a way that combines personal joy and ease with authentic business success. She empowers people to connect with their own energy and inspiration, so that they can move forward with clarity and confidence, and create inspired and innovative teams around them. I have closely worked with Randi and can highly recommend her.
J Thorp - Business Owner, Transformational Trainer and Mentor

Master New Wise Leadership

If a TEAM-process is not for you now - check out Randi`s signature program "Master New Wise Leadership". It`s a 10 week program starting up in January 2022. Secure one of 10 spots now. 

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