FREE Explore Talk with Randi
FREE Explore Talk with Randi

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Joyful Career Adventure

Randi work with people who are longing to experience more joy, who are open to explore, redirect and implement steps toward a new reality for themselves. 

She help them lead to live aligned with natural talents, more flow and to step closer to their authentic self, so that they can experience work and personal life with more ease and joy. 

Live with Joy!

"When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home" - Rumi

Hello, I`m Randi 

- a visionary leader, creative distruptor and change maker.

In 2006 I started on a journey from stressful success as an executive leader feeling a little stuck in the doing, not fulfilled by my work, or able to enjoy life fully. I started on a walk of wonder to discover fundamental challenges and get clarity about sustainable solutions. From what I discovered I created the Bridge2Thrive, New Wise Leadership HUB and the Sustainable Career LAB. I am living what I`m teaching.

I have been on a journey of reengage with heart and my natural talents and energy. I redirected my career to be aligned with new passion and purpose for a new phase of my career.

You are welcome to join me on a expansion into a Joyful Adventure and enjoy feeling present and alive - at work and in your privat life.

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Is this you?

  • Do you consider being more visible as a way of strengthen you attractiveness and relevance in a changing context?
  • Can you feel your health is deteriorating bit by bit, maybe a desire to explore career strategies for short/long term?
  • Do you want to create a new reality, secure timeouts or explore personal growth and career alternatives - to live with more joy?
  • Are you working so hard, and feeling you aren`t achieving anything worthwhile?
  • Are you in transition, open and curious to reinforce career path?
  • Are you thinking of creating own online business, feel overwhelmed by the hole process and would love support and more clarity?

Create a Joyful Career Adventure

Get your license to live with joy

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Career Mentoring with Randi

Book a 30 min FREE Explore talk to Identify what training package is to your highest good.

Clarity Talks

3 session of 90 minutes 1:1 with Randi to get more clarity on what is to your highest good.


Join the Sustainable Career Lab as a member and explore the relevant topics for you. Be supported by Q&A Session.

Guided Journey

Join a 12 weeks step-by-step program and create your new reality. Combo of online training / group & 1:1 mentoring.

Book your FREE 30 minutes Explore Talk with Randi - find out what you need and if we are a good match

(Re) Branding New YOU

Become clearer on your personal branding online. Work your way through a guide book with reflection tasks before mentoring. 

Digital konkurransekraft

Et utviklings reise over 3 faser for deg som vurderer å starte online business som en karriere vei. 

Only available in Norwegian

Re (branding) - learn more
Digital konkurransekraft - lær mer
Teaching and training experiences aligned with Sustainable Global Goals
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I`ve got to know Randi as a powerful visionary leader with an innovative new way of leadership training, a way that combines personal joy and ease with authentic business success. She empowers people to connect with their own energy and inspiration, so that they can move forward with clarity and confidence. I have closely worked with Randi and can highly recommend her.

J. Thorp - Business Owner, Transformational Trainer and Mentor

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