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FREE Explore Talk with Randi

Unlock Authentic
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The Ultimate Mentor Journey  

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Unlock Authentic Power & Potential - An Growth Adventure

This is the ultimate combination of simple programs put together in a way that gives you MAX VALUE in 10 months. You take big steps in integrating what you learn, and start to experience a new, better everyday life. You love, live and lead better. 

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Det Best of the Best from Randi
In 10 months you get access to the insight and wisdom Randi has developed throughout her career. The program is based on established methods with recognized results, but also untraditional approaches and tools inspired by nature and intelligences around us. The program is not for everyone - it is for leaders who are open and curious about new perspectives and insights. Randi only uses tools and a number of partners she has personally tried out and can vouch for through her own personal experiences.

Randi will share stories and lessons learned through her carrier from a authentic place. It will save you from pain and struggle, also time, energy and money.

Release Success Block and step into your potential
Discover how you can remove Success Blocks held in your subconscious mind, aligning to the Authentic You and lean in to more Joy, Ease, Flow and Freedom on your path forward.

Become a member of the Global Wise Leader Community and hang out with Randi and other likeminded business leaders. 


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Refresh, Rethink and Renew

We are facing a new era where the renewal of systems, structures and cultures is central. New concepts and careers are emerging. If you want to think new thoughts and contribute with renewal, it is useful to start with yourself - create space to create new thoughts and ideas. Delivered as a one day leadership circle.

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Master New Wise Leadership

To develop and renew, perhaps build new from scratch, it is useful and important to know some basic principles and prerequisites. You are introduced to Strategic Implement Leadership, Follow Your Heart Leadership and Physical Leadership as 3 pillars. You get deeper human knowledge, also deeper knowledge of yourself. That in depth insight includes your personal culture expression. Delivered as a process over 10 weeks and includes a number of personal profiles that give in dept insight and inspiration on a personal level.

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Teamship & Culture Code

Taking out potentials in teams is not just about getting a group to work better together. Trust in each other is a prerequisite and it does not come by itself. It is about taking out the potentials of the individuals, but also taking out the potentials for the business. To realize potentials is closely linked to innovation. Get introduced to new ground breaking ways to identify and realize potentials. We discover the culture code for all participants as a team. Delivered as one day leadership circle, with online learning upfront to prep you up for an truly amazing and inspiring day.

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Core Talents Awareness

We are at our best when we have access to our natural resources within ourselves - our core talents, skills and abilities. This is about more than knowing your strengths. It is about getting to know their unique authentic assumptions and how to use these in practice. Get AHA experiences and more confidence around your value and contribution. Useful for you, for teams you are a member of and employer, or as a business owner.

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Home Office Dynamics

Home Office is here to stay. Home have become the platform from which we engage with the world – a place for learning, playing, socialising, exercising, leading and much more. Master New Home Dynamics becomes key to achieve your true desire in business and private life. Allow your home to be the retreat and fruitful foundation of any creation in life and business!

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(Re)brand New You

Have you been aware of how to make yourself visible, who you are, can and can contribute. When you are likely to discover new talents and unique aspects of yourself, it may be helpful for these aspects to become clearer to those who may benefit from the value of working with you. This is an awareness-raising process that creates AHA experiences and promotes a career where you do more of what you love. When you position yourself and your talents correctly, you will also be well paid for it.

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Event - Days by the Sea

We humans are 70-80% water. Randi herself has good experiences with creativity and positively creates experiences near the sea. Close to nature's natural elements to access natural talents. We meet physically for an experience that gives access to more opportunities and potentials. We work with energy, flow processes and explore concrete possibilities.

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Seaside S Business Club

We meet in an informal arena inspired by the sea. You are given access to a weekly energy massage with the intention of strengthening well-being in 4 areas: mentally, emotionally, mentally and financially. Well-being is a basic condition of ourselves, in order to develop a well-being business. What creates well-being is a complex complexity. We approach this complexity in a new groundbreaking way through energy work. We work in groups, but everyone gets what they need. Randi facilitates these collections. You participate in as many electricity as you want.

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Group Mentoring

For 10 months you have access to a defined plan for Group Mentoring with Randi. There are sessions where Randi combines professional replenishment, with Q&A and where we are inspired by each other through feedback and dialogue. You also have access to an online forum where all participants throughout the program can share and inspire each other.

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1:1 Mentoring 

Through the program, you get access to personal mentoring with a focus on you, your process and a project you have chosen to work on. This may, for example, be your area of responsibility; what you want, need, aim to achieve or otherwise really want you. Randi facilitates sessions where you get greater clarity about questions you want answered.

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Social Hangouts 

We meet physically in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen or other places we find appropriate. It is useful and nice to meet like-minded people to discuss informally about life and leadership. This is a bonus.

Mentor Program by Application Only

Limited to 10 people - continuous admission on going now

Your Application
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How We are UNIQUE

We are unique in our cause-effect-solution-approach, in the context and way we understand human nature, how we combine personal joy and ease with authentic business success and the way we deliver value through new innovative leadership training- and experiences - from heart. We are living what we are teaching.

Master the Dynamics between the feminine and masculine

We are unique in our cause-effect-solution-approach, in the context and way we understand human nature, how we combine personal joy and ease with authentic business success and the way we deliver value through new innovative leadership training- and experiences - from heart. We are living what we are teaching.

Global Wise Leaders - Community

We are the vital leaders who co-create aligned with Global Goals. Who consciously shape culture  and collaborate in teams based on natural talents and energy. We wake up vital, walk together and support each other in a way that feels good. 

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New Normal - New Success Strategies - New You

It`s so easy keep on going based on a belief that taking a lead and leading the change we want to see in the world is hard work. Keep on performing by working hard even when system, structures and cultures is not supporting in a optimal way. It`s not sustainable. It`s time to review, rethink and rebuilt what is not any longer working.

The New Wise Leadership HUB is here to support you

See Master New Wise Leadership in 10 weeks as the entrance door in to a whole new wise leadership world. After the program you can continue to expand and optimize your personal life, your leadership capasity and leadership group. Above all replenish your vitality to joyfully lead and shine - ride the future.

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New Leadership Formula: Feel Natural Good 


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Learn, Refresh and Level Up with a blend of 9 key leadership approaches for Joyful Authentic Success:

1. Inspired Leadership; Learn how to be and stay inspired as a leader over time. Be inspired to inspire others.

2. Impact Leadership; Increase you awareness on impact leadership on 5 levels. 

3. Team Leadership; Learn your natural contribution in teams and how to uplevel team dynamics and effort.

4.+5. Hearth- and Energy Leadership; Get clarity on the role of the heart, and key principles for energy and vitality leadership.

6. Physical Leadership; Be aware the impact of home- and workspace enviroment influence you.

7.+8.+9. Authentic-/ Self-/ Wellbeing Leadership; Gt closer to who you authentically are. Understand why it matters. Aligning with your natural authentic energy. Boost your ability to stay calm in times of uncertainty.


Take Away - Sustainable Business Leadership:

  • Discover a more Fruitful Foundation for a business success.
  • A Mind-set shift to easier see opportunities.
  • Perspectives on business and the role it can play as a force for social good and the world.
  • Get a set point for your own culture profile - and learn how to take advantage of culture expressions in teams.
  • Start to ride the global trends - have fun and enjoy doing it.
  • Strengthen your ability to live and lead change with less effort and more enthusiasm.
  • Learn how to strengthen your ability to take quicker and better decisions.
  • Take new steps toward your capacity to create, expand and transform business results with more ease and joy.
  • Take new steps toward your capacity to lead change with more Enthusiasm - inspire another business culture.
  • Take new steps toward feeling empowered to joyfully lead, shine and change.
  • Abel to empower yourself in today’s position and for your future natural career path.
  • More stable, solution- and result oriented leader that sees opportunities in chaos.
  • Inspired and motivate to deliver beyond what anyone thinks they are capable of.
  • Become a front runner, a sustainable role model shaping the new normal of business leadership and future planet.


Take Away - Personal Inspiration and Growth:

  •  Align to joy, peace and vitality.
  • Restore energy, strength and stability.
  • Open up to more natural flow.
  • Align with your pure potential. Be inspired to take aligned choices and take aligned actions.
  • Be empowered to be clear and confident in being the authentic you, your own unique expression.
  • Uplevel your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. 
  • Get clarity and confidence in purpose and direction.
  • Be and grow in a community with love and non-judgement with those around you.

Mentor Program by Application Only

Limited to 10 people - continuous admission on going now

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This program is for Business Leaders who: 

  • Are open, curious and have a learning mindset.
  • Wants to make the most of who you are and make a bigger impact in the world by how they live and lead.
  • Long for wakening up in the morning after a good night sleep - embrace opportunities and challenges.
  • Ready to take action to shift and change their experience of life and leadership.
  • Open and curious for new perspectives and effective methods.
  • See the advantages of strengthen personal capacity to stay calm, confident and stable in challenging times that we are facing now.
  • Wants to experience personal freedom and flexibility to be more of who they are.
  • Wants to learn how to more consciously shape culture that collaborate with ease and joy.
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Easily and flexibly
accessible on mobile
via APP

Who you Become being on a journey with me:

Become a Global Wise Leader who Master the Dynamics between the feminine and masculine forces within us. By becoming a new version of  you, you also stand out at a sustainable role model in how you lead yourself and your team - how you together co-create culture and do business.

Get into and surf the wave were we honour the masculine and rise the feminine - Master the Dynamic!

Next step on your Journey:

Continue to integrate and maintain what you have learned as a member of the New Wise Leadership HUB. Join Master Classes, Fun Challenges and other Experiences that empower you to be the best you.

A healthier and wellbeing you as the core essence of your leadership team and business is a way to align with business expansion and transformation.

The way for you to fully thrive and feel alive!

The way to open up to an ocean of opportunities for business expansion unfold in a more natural way..

Level up your leadership game if you choose to:

You can continue to grow by stepping into a new phase and mastery:

1. Team Mastery Journey

2. Self Mastery Journey

3. Expert Mastery Journey

You do not need to choose between them, you can combine them and become UNSTOPPABLE by owning your power and having the freedom to choose what is right for you at any time and face of your career. This way you are positioned to

Create a Sustainable Career Adventure for yourself

And there are more.. 

How to get unique competitiveness and optimise the value of the investment

Bring your team up to speed on what you have discovered. Agree on a Team-Journey with Randi were you and your team together build a fruitful foundation and focus on a defined business project or business area that are important to succeed on. Share the return on the investment in a business report to be used toward any stakeholders.

To achieve the unique competitiveness we will 1) work with energy on a deeper level (based on the understanding that everything is energy, connected and able to be influenced) and 2) be supported by intelligences in nature in a broader sense.

1. Team Process

2. Project or Process Focus

3. Business Report - Return on Investment

Mark: Randi have the capacity to work with 2-3 team at the time. Make a decision and secure the slots for your Team process to get the unique competitiveness this year. 

Mentor Program by Application Only

Limited to 10 people - continuous admission on going now

Your Application

Join NOW - an adventure is waiting!

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