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 26. August 2021

Business Leadership Circle - Self Leadership

- Refresh and Renew to be Relevant - 
Master Wise Self Leadership in 1 Day

Personal Growth that strengthens you, your team role, culture and the commercial thinking and acting
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Receive relevant online training and the playbook before the event day to set you up for the event day. 

At the event day you receive your playbook for the day in the morning at 8.

The workshop day have 3 informal sessions with likeminded around the table. Between the sessions you work with exercises in the playbook. You are guided in an inspiring way. 

Welcome - Rethink. Refresh. Renew.

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9-11 Get Started

Get to know Randi, her story and what you can learn from it. Teaching Session by Randi. 

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12-13 Share Back / Training

Feedback around the table. Learn and be inspired by others sharing. Teaching Training by Randi.  

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15-16 Share Back / Training

Feedback around the table. Learn and be inspired by others sharing. Teaching Training by Randi. 

Ride the New Feminine Wave 

Honour the Masculine. Rise the Feminine. Master the Dynamic Dance.

The Journey toward the authentic you is worth taken to fully Thrive.
Suppressed emotions are bugs in your operating system, and not sustainable.

Yes - it`s time to Refresh :D

Do you long for variety and inspiration to freshen up and think renewal after a long period of home office and one-sidedness. Good for you, your leadership, your business and your employer.

Remember, wellness is performance indicator # 1!

Welcome to Refresh your thoughts and energy! 

Event day - Self Leadership

€ 176

Rethink. Refresh. Renew.

  • Online training before Event Day
  • Event Day - 3 live trainings and share backs
  • Bonus: 2 hours live session with Randi after event
  • Available 1:1 sessions with Randi after bonus session

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Who is it fore?

  • Are you so committed to getting the results for your company that you are compromising on everything else?
  • Do you want to upleve your leadership capacity for a new reality, secure timeouts or explore personal growth alternatives?
  • Can you feel your health is deteriorating bit by bit, maybe a desire to explore career strategies?
  • Do you find your head is taken up with work 90% of the time?
  • Are you working so hard, and feeling you aren`t achieving anything worthwhile?
  • Are you in transition, open and curious to reinforce career path?

The Value of the day:

  • Refreshed, and with your own strategy and action plan to Renew and Rethink.
  • Inspiration from likeminded.
  • Networking.
  • Discover how to release bugs and success blocs in your energy. 
  • Optional bonus session to discover a new self empowerment tool.
  • Opportunity to work 1:1 with Randi to release what is holding you back OR just to get more clarity to move forward with more ease, joy and freedom.
  • Ability to take new steps on the path toward joyful success.

Yes, this is for me - Secure my spot!

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Refresh Workshop

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