5 Powerful Actions - From Stress and Worry to Joyful Success

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2021

Hi dear leader colleague,

I have two questions for you:

Are you an executive leader who ever have felt worry about how to stay on top of the game, and fix what you see and understand are barriers for optional business performance or stepping into the potentials?

Have you ever worried about not getting enough sleep to feel clear and present enough in key meetings?

What did I experience as an executive leader in a international company being responsible for more than a more than one billion Norwegian kroner. Being a brave leader, leading a never endring journey of organisational changes.

To be honest, in periods of my executive career I had sleep challenges. I took too much responsibility to fix what I saw was needed to be fixed. Today I understand I did not have healthy enough boundaries. I also accepted for too long to not be fairly compensated for my contribution. For a very long time, I loved what I did. My main focus was not on position, money, the value I delivered or on creating wealth for myself. I worked allot. Experienced stressful success. However, over time I did not find enough meaning or thrive fully feeling stuck in the doing for too long. I reengaged with hearth and made a change. 

I changed my mindset and belief system (1) to be more empowering for myself. 

I released bugs in my vitality-system (2) that worked as upper limits, holding me back from setting healthy boundaries and stepping into my potentials. 

I lowered my shoulders (3), became less responsible (4) and allowed the authentic joyful me to play out (4).

I overcame sleep challenges, became fully present and aware, feeling alive, fulfilled and able to dare brave leadership without being overwhelmed or burned out. 

I became the employee of the year in 2018, top 3 performing consultant within 18 months. My clients became nominated as top performers of the year. ”If we have a problem, we call Randi – she has the solution”, as one of my clients expressed it. I and the company I worked for became the preferred partner. 

Who don`t love loyal clients? How can your company become the preferred partner for your clients?

I took what I discovered and learned over years into a unique blend of leadership approaches and created the New Wise Leadership System and Roadmap. Understanding how elements are connected in a bigger whole is key. It defines how you think, feel and act. It`s all about stepping into new insights and higher perspectives. 

Today I teach how you can combine personal ease and joy with authentic business success. I invite you to explore how the ONE SWITCH.. F R O M living to work .. T O .. working to live, have the potential to make a big difference. 

I would love to help and support other executive leaders and senior managers in top management groups escaping stressful success and align with joyful success. It`s not a quick fix, it`s a journey. If you never get started on that journey, nothing changes. Your clients will benefit from it as well. 

It starts with clarity. What change are you longing for? What are you dreaming of? It`s not about what you are doing, it`s about WHY you are doing it. Be clear on your why.

I have made a digital and fun cocktail of sharing’s for you. Pick it up today! Then, find the right time for YOU to lean into the content. 

If you like what I share, feel inspired and want more - you are welcome to request a free 30 minutes explore talk with me to understand what is the NEXT RIGHT STEP for you to take.

If you are longing for joyful success and make a bigger impact in the world through your work, you might benefit from checking out what I share. Becoming a Global Wise Leader might be a meaningful journey for you.

I love to create the best experiences for my clients – check out if this is for you here

And, If you would like to joine the whole hearted community of New Wise Leadership Friends - JOIN HERE


Take care, and enjoy the rest of your day!



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