Psycologial Safety in Teams - Thriving High Performance

Psycological safety in team is how leaders and leadership teams are reaching a higher level of joy, meaning and performance. Let me take the individual leaders and the whole leadership team to the next level.

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Empower Leadership Teams

Through my authentic talk in your leadership team, I bring the team to it`s next level of psycological safety. To make it happen on a team level, it also need to happend on a individual level. I introduce authentic self-leadership. The outcome is taking thriving high performance to the next level.

Do you have 40 minutes for me with your team?

After the talk you can choose to continue to work with me on an individual or team level.

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For Leaders of Leadership teams. Executive Leadership Teams - Top Management Groups

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Give the executive leadership team some refreshing and inspiering perspective. Accept Randi`s invitation for a 45 minutes FREE Talk . In the FREE Intro Talk you get a short presentation on what a session will include. and options to work with me afterwards, if you choose to.

Wise Up from OLD fashion to MEANINGFUL fashion.

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Create a High Fly Vibe Forward - within and from the Executive Leadership Team

Unlock Potentials for Individuals, Teams, Projects and the Business as a whole. In a Wise Up Session Randi will give perspective on Success Barriers, and How to Unlock them.

After the team-session with Randi, the individual leaders are inspiered and empowered to refresh their leadership approach. The team as a whole has got an foundation to discuss which changes everybody involved in implementing strategy can benefit from. 

Hi, I´m Randi - Learn more about me below ..

My Leadership Experience ..

Experience from leading; others, leaders, team, function, defined change processes and projects related to digitalization and innovation, pre-merger phase and integration between two major players in its Branche.

I have been leading myself with integrity, through challenges and storms, managed finance crise and pandemic. This includes setting healthy boundaries, to manage well-being and the wholeness of my life. This way I could stay relevant and radiant.

Working on my personal growth, I got access to inner wisdom and a set of new tools for clarity and navigation in the business world. It helped me be on top of my own game, and not played by the wrong people.

I have a passionate heart for homes and are a Leader of Life at Home too. I learned how the environment is influencing us, became an environmental phycologist with the capacity to optimize environments in physical spaces (home, home office, work).

I became a Corporate Athlete by being mentored by two well-known and high profiled Norwegian trainers of top professional athletes; Johan Kaggestad and Bjørge Stensbøl. 

From my personal growth journey, I became a more authentic leader, master of self and master of emotions. I balance and master the dynamics between the masculine and feminine approach. I left behind the old fashion way and embraced new more empowering ways of thinking, living and leading.

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Visionary Female Leader

Randi is the only female change leader from Scandinavia who has followed aviation as an industry from duopoly to tough competition, led digital transformation, post mergers and integration of 2 companies, without legal conflict.

She closed down a business during the financhial crise and took personal financial loss. Took on a new executive change leadership role - delivered outstanding results in a ekstraordinary situation for the company. Overworked. Took time to recover and refresh.

Later, she delivered outstanding results as a senior consultant and was rewarded as the employee of the year.

By walking the path, being in three careers, living the challenges - she emerged to teach, counsel and pass on her wisdom - to empower other leaders’ step into their potentials. 

Randi climbed the corporate ladder to the top as an executive leader, leading turnaround with success at the age of 40.

Impact Player & Joy Bringer

She has been leading herself, others, leaders, teams, function and post merge phase. At the top she was longing for more joy and fulfillment. By reengaging with her heart, she started out on a new expedition and adventure. Building and climbing ladders toward a new summit of meaning, fulfillment and joy. For her. On purpose. She managed to navigate through several challenges and storms. She learned to know the energy-world, dived deep into own human nature. Became a Master of Emotions. Led herself through personal transformation by releasing what was no longer serving her and realigned to new refreshing ambitions. 

She found her way to Authentic Joyful Living. To Purposeful Leadership. To higher perspectives, greater clarity, new strength and ability to take quicker and better decisions. Effortlessly.

Randi became Wise-in-Love. She discovered a more sustainable path. Became a more authentic and dynamically balanced leader with greater clarity. Today she has lowered her shoulders and leads a start-up company with international ambitions.

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Training Experince Aligned with UN Global Goals

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