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Randi Næss -
Published Author

of a book in Change Leadership.
How to Become a Sustainable Change Leader. In Norwegian only.

Lead Wiser. Live More.

In a time of rapid change and uncertainty

Take a Lead!

To take a lead are probably one of the biggest potentials in the world right now. The professional leadership in organisations. Personal leadership in how we take charge in own life, for own health as the most important of all the important areas.

Allow this book to inspire you!

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In this book, you`ll learn: 

  • How to become a more sustainable change leader in your professional and personal life.

  • How to embrace potentials with a set of new future oriented winning strategies. Start implementing now.

  • How success can look like, how to take concious choices and align own actions to the form of success you desire. 
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Empowering Christmas Gift

Buy this MiniProgram as an Empowering Christmas Gift for yourself, someone you lead or love (use their e-mail-adress).

This program is relevant for business leaders who wants to combine personal ease and joy with authentic business success. Toward an Experience of Joyful Success.

Leadership Capasity - The Value of Reading this book

This book gives you the change skills and capasity you need to lead and live well in challenging times of chaos.

You gain insight into how to deliver more with less resources, go the extra mile and at the same time survive as a human being. Well-being on everyone's bottom line - people, planet and profit - as the overall goal.

Today's working life is characterized by increased demands for efficiency, simplification, improvement and restructuring. Each individual leader is challenged to take greater personal responsibility for how they lead and live their lives in a sustainable way.

The book contributes to your success as a change leader.

It provides inspiration for long-term strategies, growth and development.

The book underpins a long career with power, energy and presence. Balanced lifestyle is introduced as a sustainable strategy.

You are given perspectives on what success is for you. You gain a better understanding of how the dots are connected, broader perspectives, you are given the prerequisites to make more concious choices.

Get inspiration to lead wisely and make the right choices, to live more, to develop your personal change strategy and your action program.

Overall, the book will give you a basis for professional and personal growth.

Enjoy Embracing Your Sustainable Change Leader Role!

Imagine this:

You wake up before the alarm, feeling joy. 

Having breakfast, you just know you are on the right track. 

Speaking in the meeting at work, you feel the rock-solid confidence.

This feeds you the strength to empower and motivate your team. 

You realize you have tappet into a source of clearity and wisdom.

Of no fear. Of no stress. 

Just the pure power. 

Of you being truly you.

If this is how you want to feel > this book is for you!


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YES PLEASE - I would love to buy the book for € 35 (including free delivery in Norway)

Hi, I´m Randi the Author - Learn more about me:

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Visionary Female Leader

Randi is the only female change leader from Scandinavia who has followed aviation as an industry from duopoly to tough competition, led digital transformation, post mergers and integration of 2 companies, without legal conflict.

She closed a business during the financial crise and took personal financial loss. Took on a new executive change leadership role - delivered outstanding results in an exstraordinary situation for the company. Overworked. Took time to recover and refresh.

Later, she delivered outstanding results as a senior consultant and was rewarded as the employee of the year.

By walking the path, being in three careers, living the challenges - she emerged to teach, counsel and pass on her wisdom - to empower other leaders’ step into their potentials. 

Randi climbed the corporate ladder to the top as an executive leader, leading turnaround with success at the age of 40.

Impact Player & Joy Bringer

She has been leading herself, others, leaders, teams, function and post merge phase. At the top she was longing for more joy and fulfillment. By reengaging with her heart, she started out on a new expedition and adventure. Building and climbing ladders toward a new summit of meaning, fulfillment and joy. For her. On purpose. She managed to navigate through several challenges and storms. She learned to know the energy-world, dived deep into own human nature. Became a Master of Emotions. Led herself through personal transformation by releasing what was no longer serving her and realigned to new refreshing ambitions. 

She found her way to Authentic Joyful Living. To Purposeful Leadership. To higher perspectives, greater clarity, new strength and ability to take quicker and better decisions. Effortlessly.

Randi became Wise-in-Love. She discovered a more sustainable path. Became a more authentic and dynamically balanced leader with greater clarity. Today she has lowered her shoulders and leads a start-up company with international ambitions.

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YES PLEASE - I would love to buy the bookfor € 35 (including free delivery in Norway)

The Message in this Book is  Aligned with UN Global Goals

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