FREE Explore Talk with Randi
FREE Explore Talk with Randi

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  • A Project - challenge/opportunity
  • Career Path - Next step?
  • Empowered on Your Authentic Path?
  • Strengthen you in a situation?

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Restart 2021 - What Change or  Opportunities do you want to see?

Welcome a series of 3 sessions of 60-90 minutes. All 3 sessions within 4 weeks is recommended. Make yourself a priority and invest in yourself. Remember any business or project is an prolonging of you. For any purpose it is important to invest in yourself to create and get the results you want. I will probably do 1:1 session only for a limited periode of time. Grab the opportunity now!

I have limited availibility for 1:1 sessions - and, if you want the optimal slots for you, it may be wise to take action quickly.

EMBRACE 2021 OFFER - PACKAGES of 3 sessions for the price of 2

€ 320

Normal price €480 - save €160

  • 3 sessions a 60-90 minutes
  • Available during summer
  • Choose 1-3 topics for clarity per session OR
  • 1 area of growth for 3 sessions
  • Business / Personal topics
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Release what you now longer need from the past, that is holding you back from creating your future.

This can be limiting, disempowering thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns, memories, situations and people involved in situations. This can be held within you on a conscious or unconscious level.



Explore how to move forward in an optimal way aligned to your vision, goals, intentions, purpose. 

Step into a walk of self-discovery, get clarity on you next steps. Receive guide’s and take inspired actions aligned with vision/goals. Moving forward with clarity and inspiration knowing you are supported.



Open up to an ocean of opportunities, aligned with your purpose, potentials and talents.

Attract into your life, project, business or anything else you choose to focus on. Trust the path and timing supports the expansion and transformation you welcome - to your highest good. Trust sustainable steps will be supported.

We will be co-createing with intelligences in nature in a powerful way. Trust you receive what you need. It`s powerful!
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Personal and Business Clarity, Greater Joy, Security and more Inner Peace
Thank you very much for two informative conversations in December 2020. At the end of the Corona year, there were many unanswered questions. With the good conversations we had, I got the clarity I needed. Both when it came to personal and work and health. When the plans we had made suddenly change, we have to be flexible. Sometimes changes hurt. But other times they are liberating and more in the direction of a long-term plan. Having a conversation partner who helps to find the common thread again helped me a lot. You are good at this Randi. It led to a greater joy, greater security and more inner peace. Thank you very much for your help. Highly recommended. Big hug from Monica

Monica E. Norum, Business Owner and Financial Adviser at Optima Regnskap