B2T Inspiration - it`s FREE
B2T Inspiration - it`s FREE


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Welcome to Bridge2Thrive
- a New World of Refreshment and Empowerment to Rethink and Renew

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Hello, I`m Randi

I have been on a path reengaging with heart, leading and creating from purpose and life mission.

I am change catalyst, innovator and creator of New System, Structures, Cultures and Concepts. 

I empower open minded business leaders to uplevel their leadership capasity by mastering New Business Dynamics and New Homelife Dynamics and co-create the new world of work and living.

I created the Bridge2Thrive as a digital meetup- and connecting place for business leaders who wants to thrive and not only survive while making a difference in the world through their work. We all deserve a sense of balance and stability, vitality, love and joy. We benefit from a wellness home and aligned to nature.

Allow joyful Success - Love. Live. Lead.

Welcome to explore our training areas and fun support services 


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New Wise Leadership

Ready to stay strong in your power over time - to joyfully lead, shine and change the world? Thrive not Survive!

New Wise Teamship

Ready to elevate the team dynamics as core of the business? Get your teams culture baseline?

New Wise Career Steps

Ready to Refresh, Restart or Rebuild your Career to be more relevant and sustainable? Connect with more meaning?


Training Experiences aligned with Global Goals

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Allow Fruitful Business Foundation

Monthly `energy-massage` powered by nature to Be at your best

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New Wise Homelife - New Home Dynamics

Home Office is here to stay. Home have become the platform from which we engage with the world – a place for learning, playing, socialising, exercising, leading and much more. Master New Home Dynamics becomes key to achieve your true desire in business and private life.

Welcome to your new home environment and dynamics.

Allow your home to be the retreat and fruitful foundation of any creation in life and business!

Unique Home Deals 

Embrace your role as a leader of new home dynamics by becoming a member of Wise Homelife and get unique homelife DEALS 

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(Re) brand YOU - Allow (the new) YOU to stand out in the crowd

Embrace your natural talents, interest and align to purpose. Attract what is aligned with your true desire. An flexible digital experience and journey on your speed toward expressing yourself wisely.

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