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Start the journey FROM Stressful Success To Joyful Success.

If you are practising PUSH strategies to make things happen, you are not alone - and it`s not about you. It`s not even a corporate world phenomenon, rather a society phenomenon. It`s time to challenge overselves to let go and open up for new perspectives and ways of leading. Dare to lead the way.

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Get my eBook when signing up to the 3 steps digital training experience belove. Be inspired how to joyfully lead, shine and change - in a sustainable way.

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 It`s time to Get out of the Old Fashion Push Strategies and Allow Business Success Unfold in a more Natural Way.

Invest in Personal Growth, to Empower Yourself, Your Team and Support Business Success.

Joyful Success 

Welcome to this 3 steps digital experience which empower you to escape stressful success and experience more joyful success. 

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Lean into more Joy & Ease

  • Discover a bigger picture in a 15 minutes Short Talk
  • Dive deeper in a 60 minutes MasterClass
  • Get an eBook and Discover 6 fundamental pillars for Wise Self Leadership
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Who is Randi?

Randi is the only female change leader from Scandinavia who has followed aviation as an industry from duopoly to tough competition, led digital transformation, mergers and negotiations without legal conflict with customers, dealers and partners. All this before she was 40 years old. Later, she in 18 months became the top 4 of 40 revenue creators at the consulting company she was employed. Randi discovered a more sustainable path, became a more authentic and dynamically balanced leader with greater clarity. Today she has lowered her shoulders and leads a company with international ambitions.
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Allowing Joyful Success Today

Yes Please !
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I`ve got to know Randi as a powerful visionary leader with an innovative new way of leadership training, a way that combines personal joy and ease with authentic business success. She empowers people to connect with their own energy and inspiration, so that they can move forward with clarity and confidence, and create inspired and innovative teams around them. I have closely worked with Randi and can highly recommend her.

J. Thorp - Business Owner, Transformational Trainer and Mentor